School Information


Drop by and visit the library! The Blackford Bobcat Library is an exceptional space where students can access online learning resources alongside traditional books. The librarian works with teachers to supplement classroom instruction and helps provide context for student learning. Browse the library catalog and access online resources with the following links.

Visit Alexandria, for the on-line library catalog.

How Does the Library Work?

  1. Kinder classes get story time and activities once a week.
  2. 1st - 2nd grade check out one book per week. 3rd - 5th grade check out two books per week.
  3. Books can be renewed for one additional week, if needed.
  4. New checkouts are not permitted if there are overdue books.
  5. Overdue notices will be sent to teachers and then to parents.
  6. Lost or damaged books must be paid for by the end of the school year.
  7. The Alexandria link above can help locate books in the library.

Donations of “gently used” books are accepted, subject to need and appropriateness of material. If you wish to donate new, age- appropriate award winners and classics are always appreciated, as are up-to-date non-fiction, and educational magazines.
The library is also supported by the PTA.


The Blackford Library always encourages parents and older students to volunteer their time to help out in the library. Parents have the opportunity to participate in their childs library time. Older students can receive community service for their volunteered hours. No experience is needed.