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Upcoming Events

Blackford Employees and Volunteers of the Year!

On May 12th, we were proud to celebrate and honor our CUSD employees and volunteers of the year from Blackford!

Blackford was honored to recognize the following people:

Blackford Teacher of the Year

Jeanne Miranda, Kinder teacher

 Blackford Classified Staff of the Year

Concepcion Gonzalez, Campbell Care Site Manager

Blackford Volunteers of the Year 

Julie Tate-Judge, our current PTA President 

Audrianna Correa-Jimenez, our PTA Treasurer and former PTA president 

Each one of these people have given so much of themselves, their talent and their time to help serve the students, families and community of Blackford.  These past couple of years have been very challenging as everyone knows, and these honorees have worked tirelessly serving students and the community through the pandemic and have helped Blackford in so many different ways; from providing a safe space, the Learning Lab, for students to learn; to making sure students were provided engaging lessons throughout Distance Learning; to making sure the PTA was still running smoothly and serving the school.  These are among a few examples of why these honorees were chosen as this year's nominees.  Each honoree shares a committment to helping children and is dedicated to making Blackford a special, caring, engaging place for students to learn and thrive.

Parent Workshop tonight

Please join us virtually for a parent workshop featuring the "Zones of Regulation."

Reminder, that tonight, Thursday, May 19th, from 6:00-7:00 PM we will be hosting a virtual Parent Workshop on the topic of "Zones of Regulation" presented by Pacific Clinic's (formally known as Uplift) School Based Intervention Team (SBIT). This year our Blackford staff was trained on "Zones of Regulation" in an effort to increase our students' social emotional skills in the five core competencies of self-awareness, self-management, social awareness, relationship skills and responsible decision making. In an effort to bridge these competencies across school and home, we are offering this parent workshop. Please see attached invitation and Zoom link. The workshop will be offered in both English and Spanish, with an interpreter.

Invitation (English/Spanish linked here)

A Message from the Superintendent About School Safety

Safety measures include physical barriers, practice drills, training in the Incident Command System (ICS) and more.

children walking in line through school gate

On Wed., May 25th, the Superintendent sent a message to all CUSD families and staff via ParentSquare expressing the heartbreak over the Robb Elementary School shooting and providing information about how the district works to keep our students and staff safe at school.

The letter also is available here, in English and Spanish.

Community Engagement Survey Offers Insights to District Leaders

Two-way communication seen as area for continuous improvement

graphic showing interconnected communication among people

At a recent Governing Board meeting, Superintendent Shelly Viramontez presented an overview of results from the April 2022 community engagement survey. It was administered to CUSD parents, students, staff, and community partners by Huron/Studer Education.  

“The survey is part of the district’s commitment of continual improvement and one of several ways that we elicit input from our community,” Viramontez said. “Feedback is very important for identifying what is working, what needs to be changed, and how to direct funds and resources to support those needs.” 

The overall themes: Stakeholders are generally satisfied with the school and district leadership and the condition of schools. They want to improve two-way communication within the organization.

Each school and district department of five employees or more received its own results which they are  examining in greater detail. The teams will identify focus areas for celebration (what is going well) and for areas for improvement. These will be incorporated into site and department goals. The Superintendent will report progress in future board meetings. 

District-wide Themes from Survey

What is going well
(Areas that received the highest number of 5’s - Strongly Agree)


  • My principal is a good leader.
  • My teacher cares about me.
  • Learning is important at my school.


  • My child has the necessary classroom supplies and equipment. 
  • My family is treated with respect at this school. 
  • The school is clean and well maintained.
  • After-school site manager is approachable.


  • My principal/supervisor demonstrates concern for me.
  • My principal/supervisor acknowledges good performance.
  • Would recommend CUSD to a parent for their child.
  • Believe the Superintendent uses a variety of methods to promote effective communication.

What to Improve
(Area that received a lower number of 5’s - Strongly Agree) 

Improve 2-way communication to support all levels of the organization.

Next Steps

  • Streamline communication methods
  • Share information with Board
  • Conduct some focus groups with students & families
  • Determine a few actions aimed at improving outcomes
  • Incorporate into our goals

The District is using some of its one-time funding to work with Huron/Studer Education to build long-term, district-wide capacity for maintaining a system of continual improvement. “Campbell is a great place to learn and a great place to work, and we want to keep it that way,” Viramontez said.

See the Board presentation about the survey here.

COVID-19 Prevention Continues

Vaccine Clinic and At Home Test Kits Coming Soon

graphic of a covid virus and the words

More opportunities to keep COVID-19 at bay are coming to our district in the near future:

Schools to distribute home test kits before school ends in June

two boxes of test kitsBefore the school year ends, schools will be providing at-home COVID-19 test kits for students to take home for the summer. There are two kits per student, from preschool through grade eight, and each kit contains two tests. It is recommended that parents keep one of the tests in reserve to use right before school begins in August.

Each school will provide the parents/guardians of their students with information about when and how to obtain the test kits before school ends on June 10th.

June 4 COVID-19 Vaccine Clinic to offer all doses and boosters for ages 5 and older

Safeway Northern California is again partnering with our district to provide a COVID-19 vaccine clinic to the community. They will be offering first and second doses, and first and second boosters to eligible participants age 5 and older. See the flier in today’s newsletter for details.

map showing location of PLC buildingDate: Sat. June 4, 2022

Time: 10am-2pm

Location: PLC Building, next to Monroe Middle School, 1055 S. Monroe St., San Jose. (Enter from S. Genevieve Lane.)