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Upcoming Events

Schools Release Annual Accountability Report Cards

Reports provide comprehensive overview of each school 

5 ethnically diverse students smile and show thumbs up with a school hallway in the background and text that reads

Our schools have published their latest School Accountability Report Cards (SARCs), State-mandated reports that provide a detailed snapshot of school performance and conditions for learning.

Available online or upon request, SARCs cover demographics, safety, academics, class sizes, staff, curriculum, facilities, and finances. The reports include the school’s mission, opportunities for parent involvement, and planned facility improvements. Spanish translations of the reports are forthcoming.

View SARCs online at or contact the school office for a printed copy.

Schools Embrace Inclusion Through Cultural Celebrations, Activities

Educating students about the historical significance of various cultural events and figures 

The book

Schools in Campbell Union School District recognize the importance of celebrating diversity and promoting inclusion. 

“We want to foster a sense of belonging among our students and prepare them to be compassionate global citizens,” said Whitney Holton, Associate Superintendent of Teaching & Learning.

Through multicultural events, assemblies, social studies, and culture-themed activities, students gain a deeper appreciation of each other’s culture, traditions, and historic contributions. 

While we do not relegate the contributions of a group of people to only one month, we do incorporate school activities tied to special observances to reinforce classroom learning. For example, during Black History Month, a time when our nation celebrates the contributions of Black Americans to our country, our students will learn about the significance of black leaders and the impact they have made on our society. 

For Lunar New Year, a vibrant celebration observed by many Asian communities, students learn about the traditions associated with this celebration, and appreciate the importance of learning about and celebrating the rich backgrounds of our students and families. 

Lessons tied to Presidents Day and Susan B. Anthony Day provide opportunities for students to delve into the history of the United States, the women's suffrage movement, and progress made towards achieving equal rights for all.

The efforts to create a nurturing and respectful environment for all students and staff go beyond one-time events. In 2021, the district published its Anti Bias/Anti Racism Statement delineating its resolve “to become an anti-racist and inclusive organization” and to “challenge and improve current practice at all levels in order to provide more equitable opportunities for all.”

Monroe Middle School Band to Showcase Talents at Santa Clara Men's Basketball Game

Special tickets available for supporters

middle school boy playing a trombone

Fifty-six talented students from the Monroe Middle School Band will be performing the National Anthem at the upcoming Santa Clara Men's Basketball Game against San Diego on Saturday, February 3rd. The event, set to be broadcast on ESPN+, marks a significant milestone for the school and its budding musicians.

The band's participation at the game comes as a result of a special invitation from the university. To celebrate and involve the school community, Santa Clara University is extending a special ticket rate for Monroe Middle School supporters.

“We are so proud of our musicians at Monroe!” said Music Teacher Megan Duena. Monroe restarted the band program in 2021, after the school returned to in-person instruction. The program has grown to five full classes of band. The students receive daily instruction on reading music and playing instruments. Thanks to the support of the Monroe Middle School band booster program, students also benefit from regular small group instruction provided by outside professionals. 

The dedication and hard work invested in the program have resulted in some students receiving superior ratings at solo and ensemble festivals, showcasing the high quality of musical education at Monroe.

Access Special Tickets

  1. Use this Link
  2. Make sure to select Reserved and how many tickets you want. Then choose Section 105 or 106
  3. After that, login in or create an account, and you will have an option at checkout to enter the Promo Code mmsband24. 

This is the screen you see when you go to check out. 

January is School Board Recognition Month

District’s Governing Board is Dedicated to Student Success

Five head shot photos--one of each board member with name and trustee area—in black and white, and the background is a colorful map of the district boundaries.

January is School Board Recognition Month, and Campbell Union School District (CUSD) wants to acknowledge its five locally elected public officials. 

“Our Board has a pivotal role in supporting student success by shaping the district's mission, vision, policy priorities, budget, and benchmarks,” said District Superintendent Shelly Viramontez. “They direct resources strategically and ensure accountability to the community by monitoring our progress toward goals.”

CUSD’s Governing Board members work with the superintendent to make decisions that will best serve all students in our district. The district’s boundaries include parts of six cities: Campbell, Los Gatos, Monte Sereno, San Jose, Santa Clara and Saratoga. Each board member is assigned to a trustee area, although they represent the interests of the entire district.

There are more than 5,000 school district and county office of education board members, making school boards the largest group of elected officials in the state.

To learn more about CUSD’s Governing Board, including policies and meeting schedules, visit

Survey participation makes a difference in student learning

Here are some reminders!

arial view of a table with people sitting all around it and the word Feedback large in the center

Your input in our annual School Experience Survey leads to positive changes in student learning. Changes from past surveys resulted in increased student involvement, more hands-on learning opportunities, additional field trips, and improved communication between school and home. 

Wondering How?

Below are examples of programs resulting from past survey feedback. Your participation informs our future budget and resource decisions. Check with your school principal about specifics for your own school.

A survey link was emailed to all families last week. Please take a few minutes to participate on your mobile device or desktop computer.