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Upcoming Events

Innovation Program at Blackford

This year our students get to participate in biweekly innovation experiences with our Innovation Specialists.

Female student wearing white lab coat with background of chalk drawings showing innovation

This year our students are getting to experience "Innovation Time" with three inrcredible educators and Innovation Specialists:

Jason Pittman, Megan Delaye and Jonathan Natividad.

Every other week, each K-5 class meets with our Innovation Specialists to investigate science and engineering concepts, as well as visit our school garden and create student portfolios demonstrating their work, projects and experiences via SeeSaw.  During this time our classroom teachers are provided planning time as a grade level team in order to review student progress towards meeting standards, respond to data, and plan for instruction.

Some examples of what our students are experiencing during this time are as follows:

-How do scientists and engineers work together?   The Tinker Studio: Making Faces

-Create a catapult with curated materials

-Share ideas about what scientists do and where they work. 

Scientists ask questions and solve problems. 

-Design and Build things that roll. 

Gallery walk-test things that roll/what do you see that is innovative?

-Matter Mysteries - Anchor Phenomenon: Bottles and Balloons.  Use the Bottles and Balloons demonstration to practice making observations and observing patterns.  Use sentence frames to explain that one mixture has a no reaction, but the other causes the balloon to inflate.

-Intro Matter Mysteries - testing conductivity

-What are the expectations in the garden? Respect  Achievement  Responsibility

-Plants are Amazing: think about what kinds of plants we will see as we walk around Blackford and go to the garden.  In pairs, students find a plant they like and describe it using their senses.

We are happy to report our students are responding very positively to this new program.  We are so appreciative of the hard work our Innovation Team puts forth to prepare and teach every other week. 

Later this year we look forward to hosting grade level parent/family tours of our Innovation Rooms, as well as a schoowide STEAM Night.  Students will also begin posting their learning to SeeSaw for parents/guardians to view.   We encourage parents/guardians to please make sure they are signed up to receive and view their child's SeeSaw posts.



Safety in the parking lot and on Leigh Ave.

We all need to do our part to keep our students and families safe!

Crossing guard  sign with a silhouette  of a parent and student

The Blackford community joins with the families, students and staff of Castlemont School, as we share in their sadness and grief.  Our hearts also go out to the family of Jacob Villanueva.  May the memory of Jacob live on in all those who loved him and called him friend. 

In an effort to make sure every single student is safe when they come to school or leave at the end of the day, we need everyone to make sure they follow the rules of the road, whether that road is in our school parking lot, on Willow Street or on Leigh Ave.

If you enter the Blackford school parking lot, please make sure you drive no more than 10 miles per hour.  Please make sure you park in a parking stall and walk your child safely to class or to the front of the school.

We want to also remind parents/care givers to not park along the painted curb.  This lane is meant to be a pick up/drop off lane.  When people park against the painted curb and get out of their vehicle, it creates unsafe conditions for others.

On Leigh Ave. we have witnessed many vehicles making illegal U-turns, double parking, and/or having their child get out in between vehicles to run across the street.  This is so dangerous and unsettling for us as school staff.  Students have been seen running across Leigh Ave. as well who have almost been hit by moving vehicles.  This is extremely dangerous since there are many vehicles on Leigh Ave. who go quite fast.

While we strive for safety throughout the school day in an effort to keep every single student safe, we need additional support for the morning drop off and after school pick up and that is where parents and family members can give that extra support.  Please be extra careful when driving and walking in the school parking lot.  Please do not double park on Leigh Ave. or let students out of the car in an area where they need to cross over traffic.  I know together we can make a difference.  Thank you for making sure all our students and families are safe.


Learn About Measure T

The superintendent shares why the Board voted to put Measure T on the November ballot.

Learn About Measure T

Video also available in Spanish.

Learn more about Measure T on our bond page.

Make Your Game Plan for a Free Night of Football!

Free tickets for CUSD students and families to see SJSU Spartans take on UNLV Rebels Oct. 7

SJSU Spartan mascot with pep band

Score big on a great night of football with this free and discount ticket offer from the SJSU Spartans.

Each Campbell USD student and their guardian can have one free ticket to the game on Fri., Oct. 7. Additional tickets are just $5 each. It’s a fun, family night especially for CUSD families. 

Get your tickets today. Go to

All your friends will be there!

  • Friday, October 7, 2022
  • Kick off is at 7:30PM
  • Visit the SJSU Fan Zone link for Game Day Information.

The school with the highest participation could win a pizza party!

small image of flyer with link  

Open Letter to the City of San Jose About Traffic Safety

Superintendent and Governing Board Request Action

school crossing sign

Today, September 21, 2022, Campbell Union School District's leadership sent an open letter to San Jose Mayor Sam Liccardo with several requests for increasing traffic safety near schools.  

The text of the letter appears below.

letter to Mayor Liccardo
Click to view a PDF of the letter.

The Honorable Sam Liccardo
Mayor, City of San Jose
200 East Santa Clara Street, 18th Floor
San Jose, CA 95113  

Dear Mayor Liccardo:

Last week, our school district community suffered a pain that no one should ever have to endure: the death of an eight-year-old boy struck by an automobile on his walk to school.

As difficult as this loss has been for our community, it does not compare to the pain being experienced by his family, as their lives are forever altered.

In wanting to ensure that no one in San Jose ever goes through this type of pain and trauma, we are imploring the city of San Jose to take immediate steps to prioritize crosswalks near schools.

As a school district, and on behalf of San Jose families, we are specifically requesting the following:

  • Budget support for school crossing guards;
  • Increased enforcement of traffic laws in zones near schools;
  • Consistent maintenance of crosswalks near schools; and
  • Public safety campaign focused on safe driving near school zones

We recognize that the city of San Jose has already begun the process of upgrading crosswalks near the scene of the tragedy, but we feel it important to memorialize the above referenced request, as we want to ensure that pedestrian safety does not fall off the City’s list of top priorities.

We know that this is a complex issue, but it is one that needs immediate attention, as sadly, this type of tragedy has become far too common on the streets of San Jose.

Although we will never truly be able to fully come to grips with the loss of a beautiful little boy, we can make a difference in our community and, in the process, forever honor his legacy.

On behalf of the Campbell Union Elementary School District Governing Board and Administration, we thank you for your consideration and look forward to being a part of the solution.


Richard Nguyen                                      Dr. Shelly Viramontez
Board President                                      Superintendent 

cc:   San Jose City Council
        Campbell Union Elementary School District Governing Board