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Upcoming Events

A Year of Student Growth Complete; Looking Ahead to the Next

A Message from the Superintendent

a row of kindergarten students looking through binoculars

The end of another school year is a time to reflect on the learning, growth, and countless memorable moments our students have experienced this year. Your involvement, commitment and encouragement made those experiences possible, and I want to thank you.

It has been a joy to witness the progress our students have made and to see them develop both academically and personally. They have gained competency in critical thinking, self-direction, collaboration, innovation, and empathy. Their growth is truly impressive!

To help keep the fun of learning happening through the summer, I want to remind you that every student in our district has an online library account through the Santa Clara County Library District. It can be used to access books, music, videos and more.

Together—school, home, and community—we create an environment that fosters curiosity and a love for learning that can last a lifetime. 

I look forward to seeing what the future holds for each of our students, and wish you all a wonderful summer filled with rest, fun, and family time. 

Free Summer Meals for Kids

Available to all children of the community, age 18 and younger.

boy holding a slice of pizza in one hand and giving a Thumbs Up with the other.

Campbell Union School District is participating again in the federal and state funded Seamless Summer program. Children age 18 and younger, regardless of their school enrollment, can come have an afternoon meal at no charge.

Mon. through Fri., June 13 through August 6, 2024, from 1:00 p.m. until 1:45 p.m.
* Closed 6/19, 7/4, and 7/5

Rosemary Elementary School, 401 W. Hamilton Ave., Campbell, CA


  • Available to all children of the community, age 18 and younger.
  • No school district registration required.
  • One meal per visit per child.
  • Meals to be eaten on site.


Contact Child Nutrition Services


Food [at]

Students’ Online Safety is a Family Affair 

 Home Internet filters are your defense year round. District-owned student devices to be disabled this summer. 

young child in a dark room looking at a lighted smartphone screen that says

This summer, we encourage parents and caregivers to ramp up supervision of their children’s online interactions. When school is in session, our computer devices have multiple layers of online security. During summer break, or when students are not using a school-issued device, internet safety must rely on security features available in their home.

This summer: 

  • Students will be able to use their school accounts to log into Clever and other familiar applications used at school, but district filters will not be active. Online filtering will depend on what the family has at home.
  • The take-home Chromebooks, assigned to students in grades 6-8, will be disabled during the summer break. They will be re-enabled in time for the new school year, which begins August 21st.

Please note that Gaggle, one of our district’s online student safety management systems which reviews student-generated documents for words and phrases that trigger a concern for student safety, will not be active during the break.

We encourage parents and guardians to always be vigilant and actively supervise their children's online activities. Together, we can foster responsible digital behavior, maintain open communication, and ensure a safe and healthy online experience for children.

Resources for Parents

Surgeon General’s May 2023 Advisory on Social Media and Youth Mental Health highlights the potential harm social media can have on young people's mental health. The advisory suggests that parents and caregivers can take steps to protect their children, such as establishing tech-free zones, foster in-person relationships, teaching responsible online behavior, modeling good behavior, and reporting problematic content and activity.

Tips for Family Supervision and Parental Control

The nonprofit Common Sense Media offers a multitude of resources and information to help families navigate the benefits and pitfalls of screen time and social media use. Parents and caregivers may find the following articles helpful.

Enhancing Student Success Through Community Engagement

ABC and Los Dichos volunteers promote literacy and positive school climate

montage of men and women reading books to groups of students

Project Cornerstone’s ABC Readers and Los Dichos are district-supported initiatives dedicated to improving student achievement, engagement, and a positive school climate. 

Across the district, ABC and Los Dichos volunteers share books and reading activities to help students develop basic language, critical thinking skills, and positive connections among students, teachers, and parents. The stories and related activities follow monthly themes, such as Tolerance, Confidence, Caring, Empathy, Determination, Acceptance, and Enthusiasm. 

“It’s a great volunteer program,” said Lynhaven Community Liaison Noelia Smith. “It gives parents, teachers, and students the opportunity to engage in building literacy skills and help students feel more valued and supported.”

Most volunteers are parents, like those pictured here from Lynhaven School. Members of the Assistance League of Los Gatos-Saratoga and other community volunteers also read to and provide books for students. 

Nearly half of district students are from Hispanic cultures. Los Dichos is one more way to demonstrate the district’s commitment to providing families with opportunities for culturally relevant learning and student success in school. The program is based on literature that highlights Latino stories. As with the ABC Readers program, volunteers read selected books to students at school and lead activities that teach lessons. 

ABC and Los Dichos volunteers dedicate one hour a month to prepare and conduct classroom activities based on sample lessons provided by Project Cornerstone. Their commitment contributes significantly to fostering a rich and supportive learning environment for all students.

Interested in being a volunteer?
Contact the school office about opportunities for the coming school year.

District Celebrates the 2023-24 Outstanding Employees and Volunteers

Annual Recognition Event

hands of 5 men and women doing a group high 5

On Thursday, May 23rd, Campbell Union School District’s school communities will come together to honor the exceptional individuals chosen as the 2023-24 Employees and Volunteers of the Year. This annual recognition event, being held at 5:30 pm at Lynhaven School, celebrates the dedication and hard work that make all of our schools great places to work and learn.

The district will recognize 42 outstanding teachers, classified support staff, volunteers, and administrators for their significant contributions over this 2023-24 school year. The highlight of the event will be the announcement of this year’s District-level honorees, who will advance to the county’s recognition program.

Below is the list of the honorees from each school. 

Blackford ............ Lauren Gourley - Classified Employee of the Year

                                 Jenna Roldan - Teacher of the Year

                                 Rachelle Johnson - Volunteer of the Year

CSI ....................... Kellie Johnson - Classified Employee of the Year

                                Amanda Haughs - Teacher of the Year

                                Michelle Phipps - Volunteer of the Year

Capri ................... Astrid Sanz - Classified Employee of the Year

                                Katie Iyama - Teacher of the Year

                                Leslie Belghoul - Volunteer of the Year

Castlemont ....... Irama Mendoza - Classified Employee of the Year

                               Stephanie Lykam - Teacher of the Year

                               Barbie Rosato - Volunteer of the Year

Forest Hill ......... Peggy DeVincenzi - Classified Employee of the Year

                               Jullie Pachoud - Teacher of the Year

                               Amber Menasco - Volunteer of the Year

Lynhaven ......... Charu Sarin - Classified Employee of the Year

                              Sarah Day - Teacher of the Year

                              Christine Wolffe - Volunteer of the Year

Marshall Lane .. Farah Sheikh - Classified Employee of the Year

                               Kristy Hunt - Teacher of the Year

                               Christa Levine - Volunteer of the Year

Monroe MS ....... Belen Solis - Classified Employee of the Year

                               Megan Duena - Teacher of the Year

                               Veronica Shields - Volunteer of the Year

Preschool .......... Nazy Ardalan - Classified Employee of the Year

Rolling Hills MS...Gail Panus - Classified Employee of the Year

                                  GiIlian Harrington - Teacher of the Year

                                  Eileen Weinstein - Volunteer of the Year

Rosemary ......... Stephanie Murakami - Classified Employee of the Year

                               Alyssa Sigala - Teacher of the Year

                               Alejandra Cortes - Volunteer of the Year

Sherman Oaks ... Leticia Jaimes - Classified Employee of the Year

                                 Lino Gutierrez - Teacher of the Year

                                 Pamela Trounstine - Volunteer of the Year

Village ................. Laura Torres Cendejas - Classified Employee of the Year

                                 Aisling Clarke - Teacher of the Year

                                 Peggy Koralage - Volunteer of the Year