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Winter Break

Our winter break is coming up quickly. Please note our scheduled break begins on Friday, December 22nd. There is no school Friday, December 22nd through Sunday, January 7th. After the break, school will resume on Monday, January 8th. 

Scheduled Breaks

As the Winter Break approaches, we know families are getting busier planning memorable events with their children. Please remember that with our scheduled breaks throughout the year students are in school 180 days which means they are out of school 185 days. Although it can be tempting to extend a vacation or take one at a time other than our regulary scheduled breaks, please help us in ensuring your child(ren) has the best opportunity to learn at school by bringing them daily and scheduling fun activities and vacations during our already scheduled breaks.  Our students will begin Winter Break on Friday, December 22th. We will see them back in class on January 8th, at 8:35 am. 

Thank you PTA

A huge shout out and thank you to the PTA for coordinating a wonderful holiday laser light show performance. Thank you to all of the families that joined us as we enjoyed both the laser show and the awesome dancing!! 

Student Drop Off and Pick Up

The safety of our children, both physical and emotional is the highest priority. As we arrive and leave daily, the mornings and afternoons can be a stressful time as families and students rush or linger about school. It is vital that we model the patience and respect we want our children to take into their future. Please allow yourself time to find parking and walk. Please be respectful of marked parking stalls and any traffic cones. Also, please be thoughtful of our neighbors and do not park on grass, in or in front of driveways, obey the parking signs, and be courteous of pedestrian and automobile traffic. Please help us keep our students and families safe. If you see anyone violating traffic or safety laws in our parking lot or on Leigh Ave please join us in making a difference and contact traffic enforcement at (408) 277-4341 or to let them know that we need police presence to help with the safety of our students and families. Together we can make a difference and ensure that we keep everyone safe. 

New TK-8 School to be Built in Phases

Campbell School of Innovation has a multi-year, campus-wide facility improvement plan.

Phase One of the three-phase plan includes replacing the current A-Wing Classrooms, relocating Tennis Courts**, New Playground Equipment, Garden, Extended Parking Lot.  (These are estimated timelines. Actual dates are dependent upon progress in each phase.)

December 2017................. Start demolition of current A-Wing, Tennis Courts**, Playground Area

February 2018................... Start construction of new A-Wing and Playground Area

Spring/Summer 2018....... Construction of new Tennis Courts**

August 2018....................... School Opens

Summer 2019.................... Expand Parking and Garden

** The City and School District are working on the final placement of the tennis courts.

The diagram below shows plans for Phases 2 and 3  See the full three-phase plan online or at the Campbell Union School District administration office, 155 N. 3rd Street, Campbell.

CSI Construction Plan Phases