School Site Council

The School Site Council is a decision-making body made up of parents, community representatives, and school staff members. The School Site Council's primary responsibility is to oversee the funds the school receives under the School Improvement Program (SIP) act. The funds are designed to improve student performance as measured by standardized tests, the District's assessment program, and classroom performance. The Council assists in developing, approving, and managing the SIP budget.

The School Site Council meets 4-6 times during the school year and each committee gives input to the Site Council throughout the year. The Single Plan for Student Achievement, as a part of the Local Control and Accountability Plan (LCAP), is reviewed and approved by this group, and it is a document that guides the direction of our school. All action items stem from this document, and its sole purpose is to improve instruction in English Language Arts, Mathematics, and School Climate. For a copy of Blackford’s Site Plan, please stop by our office. Everyone is welcome to attend Site Council meetings.