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Updated Wed, Sep 28th

This year our students are getting to experience "Innovation Time" with three inrcredible educators and Innovation Specialists:

Jason Pittman, Megan Delaye and Jonathan Natividad.

Every other week, each K-5 class meets with our Innovation Specialists to investigate science and engineering concepts, as well as visit our school garden and create student portfolios demonstrating their work, projects and experiences via SeeSaw.  During this time our classroom teachers are provided planning time as a grade level team in order to review student progress towards meeting standards, respond to data, and plan for instruction.

Some examples of what our students are experiencing during this time are as follows:

-How do scientists and engineers work together?   The Tinker Studio: Making Faces

-Create a catapult with curated materials

-Share ideas about what scientists do and where they work. 

Scientists ask questions and solve problems. 

-Design and Build things that roll. 

Gallery walk-test things that roll/what do you see that is innovative?

-Matter Mysteries - Anchor Phenomenon: Bottles and Balloons.  Use the Bottles and Balloons demonstration to practice making observations and observing patterns.  Use sentence frames to explain that one mixture has a no reaction, but the other causes the balloon to inflate.

-Intro Matter Mysteries - testing conductivity

-What are the expectations in the garden? Respect  Achievement  Responsibility

-Plants are Amazing: think about what kinds of plants we will see as we walk around Blackford and go to the garden.  In pairs, students find a plant they like and describe it using their senses.

We are happy to report our students are responding very positively to this new program.  We are so appreciative of the hard work our Innovation Team puts forth to prepare and teach every other week. 

Later this year we look forward to hosting grade level parent/family tours of our Innovation Rooms, as well as a schoowide STEAM Night.  Students will also begin posting their learning to SeeSaw for parents/guardians to view.   We encourage parents/guardians to please make sure they are signed up to receive and view their child's SeeSaw posts.



Updated Thu, Sep 22nd

The Blackford community joins with the families, students and staff of Castlemont School, as we share in their sadness and grief.  Our hearts also go out to the family of Jacob Villanueva.  May the memory of Jacob live on in all those who loved him and called him friend. 

In an effort to make sure every single student is safe when they come to school or leave at the end of the day, we need everyone to make sure they follow the rules of the road, whether that road is in our school parking lot, on Willow Street or on Leigh Ave.

If you enter the Blackford school parking lot, please make sure you drive no more than 10 miles per hour.  Please make sure you park in a parking stall and walk your child safely to class or to the front of the school.

We want to also remind parents/care givers to not park along the painted curb.  This lane is meant to be a pick up/drop off lane.  When people park against the painted curb and get out of their vehicle, it creates unsafe conditions for others.

On Leigh Ave. we have witnessed many vehicles making illegal U-turns, double parking, and/or having their child get out in between vehicles to run across the street.  This is so dangerous and unsettling for us as school staff.  Students have been seen running across Leigh Ave. as well who have almost been hit by moving vehicles.  This is extremely dangerous since there are many vehicles on Leigh Ave. who go quite fast.

While we strive for safety throughout the school day in an effort to keep every single student safe, we need additional support for the morning drop off and after school pick up and that is where parents and family members can give that extra support.  Please be extra careful when driving and walking in the school parking lot.  Please do not double park on Leigh Ave. or let students out of the car in an area where they need to cross over traffic.  I know together we can make a difference.  Thank you for making sure all our students and families are safe.


Updated Wed, Sep 28th

On Friday, September 16th, we will be having our first ELAC (English Language Advisory Committee) Meeting of the 22-23 school year.  The meeting will be held in person in our Multi-Use room, which is located in front of the school towards Leigh Ave.  The meeting will be held from 8:30-10:00 AM.

Please see the attached invitation and agenda for more specifics.  

ELAC Meeting #1 Invitation (English/Spanish)

ELAC Meeting #1 Agenda (English/Spanish)

Please note, the image chosen for this article relates to our school theme for the year, which is "Unity in Community."  Having parents join our ELAC meetings increases our unity and builds our community.  We hope you'll be able to attend, and we look forward to seeing you!  We value your participation and partnership.  

Updated Thu, Sep 15th

We would like to invite all our parents/guardians to the 22-23 school year "Back to School Night" events.  "Back to School Night" is an evening for parents/guardians to get to know their child's teacher and hear about their classroom/grade level programs, the curriculum and standards covered in the grade level, as well as hear about expectations and specific grade level or classroom activities.

Our BTSN events will be held in person this year.  Parents/guardians will meet in their child's classroom.

3rd and 5th grade will be held on Wednesday, August 31st from 5:30-6:30 PM.

4th grade will be held on Wednesday, Sept. 7th 5:30-6:15 PM.

*TK-Kinder-2nd grade will be held on Wednesday, Sept. 7th 6:30-7:15 PM.

*Grade TK will also offer a BTSN event to be held on Wednesday, Sept. 21st at 1:50 PM for our Spanish speaking families.

Updated Thu, Sep 8th

We will be hosting our first "Coffee with the Principals" of the 22-23 school year, in person, on Friday, September 2nd from 8:30-9:30 AM in our Multi-Use room.  At this meeting, we would like to introduce you to some of the amazing support staff we have here at Blackford.  We will also have two of our new Innovation Specialists share about themselves, their role and the new program.  We hope you will be able to join us!

Updated Tue, Aug 30th

Every year we update our Parent/Student Handbook.  We encourage parents/guardians to please review the handbook along with their child(ren).  The handbook contains a lot of important information regarding policies and site specific details.

If you have questions, please never hesitate to reach out to any of us in the office


22-23 BLK Parent/Student Handbook English

22-23 BLK Parent/Student Handbook Spanish

Updated Tue, Aug 30th

We realize the first day of school is filled with all kinds of emotions for students and parents/guardians alike, especially our TK/Kinder and families new to Blackford.  So in an effort to offer support, our PTA will be hosting a "Coffee & Kleenex" event, on the first day of school August 18th, from 8:15 AM - 9: 20 AM in the Multi-Use Room, which is located to the right of our Administration Building in front of the school. We know all our students will be in very good hands with their new teacher and classmates, so we wanted to offer this opportunity for our parents to mingle and get to know one another.  We hope you will stop by after you drop your child(ren) off at their cllassroom!!

Updated Mon, Aug 22nd

22-23 Blackford Bell Schedule

Breakfast Change:  We have decided to serve a "Second Chance" Breakfast this year instead of a before school breakfast meal.  The "Second Chance" Breakfast is served during the morning recess.  We hope this way more students who need a morning meal will be able to participate and eat breakfast.   The meal is free of cost to all students.  Students are still allowed to bring their own morning snack for recess, but if needed, your child will be able to receive breakfast items for morning recess through our "Second Chance" breakfast.

We realize this decision may impact some of our families whose child needs access to food  before school.  If your child needs a morning snack, please be sure to reach out to let us know, either through your child's teacher or our Community Liaison, Mariza Ramans at mramans [at]

Morning Arrival Update:  Since we will no longer be serving breakfast before school, we ask that students do not arrive until 8:05 AM at the earliest.  Unfortunately, there is no supervision available until that time.  Parents will be allowed to walk their child to the classroom in the morning.  We will have identified grade level gates, just as we did last year, to help ease the congestion.  Signs will be posted in front of the gates.  Gates will open at 8:05 AM, and classroom doors will open at 8:10 AM.  Our Warning Bell is at 8:13 AM and school starts at 8:15 AM.  We ask that all students be in their classrooms by 8:15 AM.

Dismissal Change:  We will no longer be using the iDismiss APP for dismissal.  Parents/guardians will be allowed to pick up their child(ren) from the classroom or have their child meet them in front of the school.  If you are driving your vehicle to pick up your child please abide by the drop off/pick up lane protocols and do not park along the yellow or red curbs.  This lane needs to be free of parked cars so we can keep the traffic flowing.  If you drive to school and want to walk to your child's classroom, please park in an identified parking stall.  This ensures the safety of all our students.  Thank you for making sure all our students can enter and exit our school safely.

Updated Mon, Aug 22nd

We would like to welcome all our new students and families to Blackford!  We are so excited to have you join our Blackford family and to officially become "Blackford Bobcats!"  

To help support our new students and families, we will be holding an informal School Tour on Wednesday, August 10th at 4 PM.  The tour will begin in front of the school Administration Building/office.  Site Administrators will take new students and their families on a tour around the school.  There will not be a formal presentation during this tour, but please know the site administrators will be able to answer questions during the tour.  Representatives from our Blackford PTA will be available as well to welcome new families and to also answer questions.

We are looking forward to a wonderful 2022-2023 school year, and we are so excited to welcome new members to our Blackford community!  Please be on the lookout for more information regarding the start of the school year to be sent via email through ParentSquare, as well as placed on our website.  We also encourage you to please sign up for our weekly NewsBlast at: