Blackford Elementary School

Blackford Parent Named Volunteer of the Year 2019

Audrianna Correa-Jimenez, a parent and volunteer at Blackford Elementary School, is Campbell Union School District’s 2019 Volunteer of the Year.

She was chosen for her dedication to and positive influence on students, families and the community.

“Ms. Correa-Jimenez represents the finest of our many volunteers across the district,” said Superintendent Shelly Viramontez. “She shows exemplary dedication and willingness to give her time and leadership to make school a great experience for all students.”

“Audrianna is always positive as she seeks ways to help others and make them feel valued and appreciated,” said Blackford Principal Corrine Frese.

Pictured here with Governing Board members Danielle Cohen (left) and Richard Nguyen (right), Correa-Jimenez (center) is the current PTA President and often takes on other roles and responsibilities, Frese said. She works with the English Language Advisory Committee (ELAC) and works to ensure that both committees have a voice in considering what is best for Blackford students. She team taught a lesson in the school garden, lends her support to school activities, and promotes school and community partnerships that benefit students and families. 

“Audrianna is a strong proponent of families being engaged in their children’s education,” said Assistant Principal Jennifer Jasper. “She truly loves seeing students benefit from the work that parents, teachers and community members do together.” She said Correa-Jimenez encourages parents to participate in as many ways as they can, and incorporates students and families’ interests into school events and activities. “She is a valuable partner in creating a safe, positive and memorable experience for students, staff and families in our school community.”