Blackford Elementary School

Closing Our Year, Better Together

We have a lot to celebrate this year, and it is because we are "Better Together!"

The theme for this year was “BETTER TOGETHER.”  We chose that theme because we knew starting the school year, back TOGETHER in person, was going to be an opportunity for all of us to be TOGETHER again.  What a wonderful opportunity and how wonderful it was to be TOGETHER again!

As we close the 21-22 school year, we realize the year was BETTER because we were TOGETHER.  While this year still brought challenges due to Covid, etc., TOGETHER we persevered and worked through the challenges.  We forged ahead and focused on our growth mindset, TOGETHER.  Bobcats at their best!

There were so many wonderful activities and experiences which we were able to do TOGETHER….Pinwheels for Peace, Kindness Month, Canned Food Drive, APEX Fun Run, Kids Heart Challenge, Family Math Night, Stories Under the Stars and Book Faire, 5th Grade Middle School Social, and 5th Grade promotion.  We had assemblies each month like NED’s Growth MIndset Mission, Dairy Council Dairy Cow, Happy Hollow, BMX Bike, Taiko Drummers, and  Zun Zun Watershed.  Each month we had a virtual Bobcat Assembly, where we all sang the Blackford school song TOGETHER, celebrated different staff members, and heard the Project Cornerstone book of the month and lesson.  Our PTA hosted a Pumpkin Patch, and every student was able to choose a pumpkin to take home.  The yearbook, Book Faire, APEX Fun Run were all sponsored and supported by our PTA.  Our garden came back to life, and students began visiting during lunch recess and class time.  Our students also got to star in the play, "The Musical Adventures of Flat Stanley."  TOGETHER, those students shined in their roles!

Looking back at the year, Mrs, Smith and I are filled with gratitude for the warm welcome we received.  We felt at home instantly!  Thank you for all the support and understanding you, TOGETHER, have shown this year.  It means so much to us that we can partner TOGETHER.

Our students and staff worked so hard this year, and we know they are ready to celebrate summer break!  It is definitely time to rest and rejuvenate!  Today, our 5th graders celebrated their 5th Grade Promotion, and we know they too are excited to move into summer and middle school in the Fall.  We wish all our 5th graders the best as they move on from Blackford.

We know this year was BETTER because we were TOGETHER!  Thank you for trusting us to care for, nurture and educate your child(ren).  It is a great honor to do the work we do, and I know the entire staff at Blackford joins us in saying, “Thank you!”  

In closing, we would like to wish all of you a fun-filled, love-filled, health-filled summer.  We look forward to meeting all our new “soon to be” Bobcats, and we look forward to seeing our returning Bobcats in August for the 22-23 school year.

Happiest of summers to all of you!

Ms. Ajlouni and Mrs. Smith