Blackford Elementary School

Safety in the Parking Lot

Please make sure you are safe while driving, parking, and walking in our school parking lot.

One of our highest priorities at Blackford is safety.  With 400 students arriving and leaving each day during a short period of time, all in front of our school, it is essential that everyone is keeping safety in mind.  While we do have staff supervising the gates, we need everyone's help to keep all our students and families safe in the parking lot.

Please review and follow these guidelines:

  • The speed limit in our parking lot is 10 miles per hour.  Go slow at all times.

  • Pedestrians always have the right of way.

  • Please park in our parking lot, and do not park in the drop off zone.  This creates an impact on the flow of traffic, and creates more safety issues.

  • Use the crosswalks and watch for oncoming vehicles.  Many people are coming from in between cars and we need all drivers to be watchful for pedestrians.

  • Drop children off in the lane closest to the school. This is the drop off lane.  Your child needs to exit and enter your vehicle from the curb (school side).

  • Be mindful of how you approach the curb to pick up your child.  Pull all the way in towards the curb so your vehicle is parallel with the curb.

  • Do not park in the handicap parking unless you have a placard.  

Please help us keep all of our students, staff, and community members safe on our campus. Thank you!