Blackford Elementary School

Student Halloween Costume Parade

Next Friday, our students will be walking in a short Halloween Parade around our school campus.

Next Friday, 10/29, we will have a Halloween Parade for students from 8:30-9:15 AM through the hallways and on the upper grade playground.  Students will walk with their classes around the playground as other classes cheer them on.  Students can wear their costumes to school, but we ask that all students bring clothes to change into when the parade is over, or wear a change of clothes under their costume.  Please label all items and provide a bag for your child to place their costume in.  This year, the parade is for Blackford students only.  We promise to take lots of photos!  We are also considering livestreaming our parade via Zoom for parents/family members.  More info to follow if we are able to livestream.  Parents/guardians will be notified and sent a Zoom link via SeeSaw or email.

Please be mindful that the following costume considerations need to be followed:  

  • Students should wear appropriate costumes, which they can change out of by themselves.
  • Costumes should be grade level appropriate.
  • No weapons of any kind or costumes/masks which depict blood or violence.
  • Scary clown/horror film characters are not allowed.
  • Masks for COVID are still required.
  • Make-up or costume masks are not permitted.

The library will be open for students who do not wish to participate.  Upon completion of the parade, regular classroom instruction will resume. 

Teachers will communicate with families regarding any special events being held in the classrooms.  Any treats being sent in need to be discussed ahead of time with the teacher.  Please also note:  Any items being sent from home need to be store bought and pre-packaged.  Please be mindful about providing healthy treats as well.